Founder & Chairman’s Message

Message From
The Founder & Chairman Of The Good Capitalism Forum

Message From
The Founder & Chairman Of The Good Capitalism Forum


Business Leaders Have The Skill Sets That Can Solve The World’s Problems.

It takes vision, innovation, resourcefulness, determination, courage, leadership, confidence and self-belief to be a successful entrepreneur. When high caliber people apply such skills to create solutions, the outcomes are far more effective and sustainable, especially when politics and sentiments are replaced with pragmatism and the drive for common benefits.

The business community is essentially capitalist by nature, driven by the goals of profit. In all brutal honesty, it is money that makes today’s world go round in the way that it does. Over the last two centuries the industrial revolutions have created global corporations that transcend national boundaries and affect the lives of billions on the planet. Globalization, however, is somewhat of a paradox – while it makes the world a smaller place and brings humanity closer, it also creates more divides by fuelling inequality.

I believe that when greed is tempered and more leaders in the global business community can see the long-term value of societal wealth creation, then sustainable solutions can be derived for a multitude of issues faced by humanity. From alleviating poverty to sustaining the environment, from democratizing education and healthcare to creating peace in troubled lands, the tenets of social capitalism have the power to change the world for the better.

The Good Capitalism Forum (GCF) is a platform for the world’s business leaders to engage in conversations about moving the agenda of social capitalism forward. But more than just a “talk show”, this forum is about action and provides the opportunity to showcase working examples of social capitalism solving real socio-economic problems faced by various communities around the world.

Join me in convincing the world that true capitalism, and in this context is referred to, as Social Capitalism is the solution for the future. Rather than fight human nature, lets use it to lift society as a whole.


Datuk (Dr) Vinod Sekhar

Chairman & Founder of the Good Capitalism Forum